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For over 25 years, DFS-Diamon has been a leading producer of dental products, based in Germany. We have developed over 500 new and/or improved products and patents for dental and other applications. We are thus pushing the boundaries of innovation in the dental industry and consistently rank among the most innovative companies in this sector. Today, after consolidation of several subsidiaries, all product development and manufacturing operations are concentrated within DFS-Diamon in Riedenburg/Germany. DFS agent in lEbanon, Syria & Jordan


Elie Mina Dental a leading supplier in the middle east of dental equipment products, instruments and machinery; proudly shares a high level partnership with selective companies from the Middle East, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates... to set up milling centers with a high end technology from HINT-ELS.

KSA - Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics
Suleiman al Habib Hospitals

UAE - Tawam Hospital
Al Gharbia Hospitals
Al Nour Hospital

Lebanon - Dental CAD CAM


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