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The Sirius Dental Division manufactures dental equipment since 1983. The company has long been a provider of large business groups and has designed and built equipment for many years that have found favor and appreciation of users around the world. For 15 years, "Sirio" is on the market with its brand and has gained significant market share in Italy and in over 50 countries worldwide. The equipment "SIRIO" are appreciated for their high technical content, reliability and attractive design and, not secondary to its low price: all this together with the ever-changing, technological innovation and research, allows the "Sirio" by present with the credentials and the right spirit to challenge the "global market". All items are guaranteed the SIRIO and certified in compliance with EU Directives. The extreme flexibility of the company, makes possible the use of its products in many different areas: from those of the goldsmith and dental restoration.


Elie Mina Dental a leading supplier in the middle east of dental equipment products, instruments and machinery; proudly shares a high level partnership with selective companies from the Middle East, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates... to set up milling centers with a high end technology from HINT-ELS.

KSA - Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics
Suleiman al Habib Hospitals

UAE - Tawam Hospital
Al Gharbia Hospitals
Al Nour Hospital

Lebanon - Dental CAD CAM


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