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Best Dental GmbH is manufacturer and exporter of high quality Composites & artificial teeth( acrylic and composite teeth ) with CE with head office in Germany ( Hamburg). Among the prominent features of our products are natural form, variety of colors, standard manufacturing, anti-corrosion property and stability of colors.


Elie Mina Dental a leading supplier in the middle east of dental equipment products, instruments and machinery; proudly shares a high level partnership with selective companies from the Middle East, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates... to set up milling centers with a high end technology from HINT-ELS.

KSA - Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics
Suleiman al Habib Hospitals

UAE - Tawam Hospital
Al Gharbia Hospitals
Al Nour Hospital

Lebanon - Dental CAD CAM


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