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Dentalfarm trade name dates back to 1972 and still today it represents the distinctive feature identifying the products distributed by C.I.E. Dentalfarm S.r.l. The company has been specializing in the design and production of equipment, accessories and consumables, primarily studied for the Dental and Goldsmith field and today it has consolidated its presence in the Restoration and Industry field, too, proposing specific technical solutions.


Elie Mina Dental a leading supplier in the middle east of dental equipment products, instruments and machinery; proudly shares a high level partnership with selective companies from the Middle East, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates... to set up milling centers with a high end technology from HINT-ELS.

KSA - Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics
Suleiman al Habib Hospitals

UAE - Tawam Hospital
Al Gharbia Hospitals
Al Nour Hospital

Lebanon - Dental CAD CAM


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