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Great products and fair prices, qualified advice and quick service there's nothing more you could wish for! If you are in search of outstanding materials and consumption items for dentistry, you will find all that at SHERA. Since 1983 we have been developing, producing and selling materials for dentistry as well as for other fields of application. And we succeed in doing so for a huge number of customers both at home and abroad in 70 countries all over the world.


Elie Mina Dental a leading supplier in the middle east of dental equipment products, instruments and machinery; proudly shares a high level partnership with selective companies from the Middle East, Lebanon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates... to set up milling centers with a high end technology from HINT-ELS.

KSA - Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinics
Suleiman al Habib Hospitals

UAE - Tawam Hospital
Al Gharbia Hospitals
Al Nour Hospital

Lebanon - Dental CAD CAM


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